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We created our company to help shape your future for a brighter academic career. There are many tutoring sites out there but with our innovative face to face feature, our goal is to deliver content to you in a personalized, high tech, and enjoyable way. Yes we are new to the market, but not to education! Our founder Dr. Crogman has more than 15 years of experience teaching in the classroom, add to that all of our teachers and tutors who taught in high schools, community colleges, and universities across the globe, and you get a powerful education machine ready to propel you forward. We have carefully developed a unique pedagogy that will enhance your learning and thinking skills. We are driven to help solve the learning challenges faced by the next generation. With us you are not just a number but our protégée; that is, we will train you to reach the highest level of your potential possible, and at your pace. Our dream? That our name be intertwined with your future success.

Learning How to Think

Creating a society of thinkers. One of the greatest failure of our educational system is that it fails to train our students to develop their thinking. We want you to be thinkers.

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